My how time flies.

Nearly 10 months ago, my wife and I were admitted to Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster to give birth to our first child.

BTW, a huge thanks to the men and women in the maternity ward.

Since then, my life has taken on a whole new direction – and for the better.

I must admit that my marketing and branding efforts for OpenSource has taken a back seat. This blog is a perfect example.

Thankfully, the business hasn’t.

In fact, it has accelerated into new opportunities that I couldn’t be more thrilled about.

For one, I’m incorporating more event planning into the OpenSource reportoire.

But more importantly, I’m able to spend more time at home with mommy and baby by taking on more copywriting and direct marketing projects.

I’ve definitely ramped up my Adobe Suite skills the past 6 months.

Not quite an accredited graphic designer, but clients are happy.

The trade-off is that I need to schedule more exercise time in…but that’s for a future blog post.

Onto 2012!

With 2 major projects currently on the go, I’ll be looking to kick OpenSource up a notch beginning next month.

Once these two jobs are complete, I’ll begin work on restructuring OpenSource and its offerings.

With a baby to care for, my timelines are undoubtedly a little stretched. But I hope to re-unveil OpenSource by the end of March / early April.

I thank everyone for their support and patience during this transition.

I’ll continue to welcome new referrals – if you’re a retailer and the holiday season wasn’t as fruitful as you would’ve hoped…we need to chat!

With that said, enjoy a successful and prosperous new year!