It was the lawsuit that started it all. After a class action lawsuit was filed by Alabama Law Firm Beasley Allen against Taco Bell in early January 2011 for allegedly falsifying the ingredients in their beef, TB turned it into a PR campaign which catapulted the franchise to new heights of brand recognition and reinforcement.

A few days after the lawsuit was first made public, Taco Bell published this national print ad which went viral:

Then it was announced on April 19/11 that the law firm withdrew their lawsuit. But that didn’t stop Taco Bell from publishing one more zinger:

It’s hard to say how their nearly 3 month campaign affected their sales, but at the very least it saved the company from going under. Check out all the PR activities they did from day 1. They dedicated an entire section on their corporate website and also developed the “Made With Real Beef” seal. Genius.