What’s your idea of a perfect restaurant? If you have the proverbial magic wand, how would you want your ideal dining experience to look like (or taste like)? This list is highly subjective of course, so please chime in with your own fantasies – just make sure it is SFW…

The Chinese Banquet Spread. Now If Only There Was A 2-Person Version...

  • CHINESE: The mini Chinese Banquet menu – while I might never get a chance to try out a Momofuku prix-fixed menu, I only wish there was a traditional Chinese restaurant that can serve up a 10-12 course menu for just my wife and I. I would happily pay a premium above the $40-50pp price tag of a standard banquet dinner for 10 people – just to get that indulgence. Oh, and please no red bean soup dessert – tapioca or mango pudding only please!
  • JAPANESE: A supper club – I’ll admit, the closest things to Japanese culture that I’m exposed to are its food, MMA, and video games. I’ve had very minimal facetime in terms of Japanese art, music, or dance, which I think would be something very cool for Japanese restaurants to look into. Heck, even Mexican restaurants have Mariachi Bands!
  • ITALIAN: Italian tasting menu – when it comes to hearty Italian food, I love myself a generous portion of pasta. But too much of one thing can be overwhelming. On the other hand, I heard of legendary ristorantes that offer a 3-for-1 deal where you can sample 3 different pastas in 3 different combinations (and I’m not just talking tomato, cream, and creamy tomato either). I’m thinking Lobster Ravioli, Seafood Linguini, and Fettucini with Duck Meat! If you know of one such meccas, please send me the details!
  • VIETNAMESE: More noodles! – maybe it’s just me, but over the past few years I’ve noticed a steady decline in noodle volume for a standard “Number 1, Large” (Pho Dac Biet) at a number of local Viet haunts in Vancouver. Maybe it’s just me, but when it comes to a good bowl of Pho, I prefer to have more noodles than meat – it actually feels like I’m getting more bang for my buck. Obviously, the soup broth must kick ass. If your bowl of pho is generous on the pho, I’m there!
  • GREEK: Do the Greeks eat noodles? – there HAS GOT TO BE more to Greek cuisine than meets the eye. While I do enjoy my occasional Roast Lamb Shank and Moussaka, I really would like to see Greek restaurants here offer more than the standard protocol consisting of souvlaki, spanakopita, and calamari. Are there other ways to prepare Greek salad or rice pilaf?
  • CANADIAN STEAKHOUSES: Offer USDA beef – again, I believe there are a small number of local steakhouses that offer USDA grade beef. Pricing is probably a little more, but I find the quality, aging, and tenderness to be vastly superior to AAA grade Alberta beef. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a slab of cattle from Ruth’s Chris over The Keg any day.

Anyways, this is my wish-list. Would love to hear your take!