Yup, unless you had the luxury of watching the Big Game on satellite television, Canadians are barred from indulging in the creative hits (and misses) of the official advertisements broadcasted during the SuperBowl. Instead, they are relegated to the ads of local programming. Sadly, businesses still pay a premium for their localized slots, which often get tuned out by the majority of Canadian NFL fans because they’re simply “not the same”.

In case you missed them, or didn’t bother jumping online to view them after the game ended, you can view them all in their viral glory here:


In my opinion, the Doritos series and Teleflora ad were memorable, as was the Bridgestone Tire commercial. The Old Spice Man unfortunately didn’t quite garner the same level of narcissism that brought him to rock star status the same time last year.

One also has to wonder if broadcasters see an opportunity to push the creative limits of advertisers and retailers for other times of the year. Certainly, there are events (e.g. Academy Awards, World Cup) where they command quite a bit more for their 30-second slots. But you never hear the same level of viral hype for them that will entice audiences to tune in just for the pitches. Maybe as viewing tastes become ever more fragmented, we will start to see more of that to pull them back in. State of the Union Address ads, anyone?