Sure, it’s absolutely critical that your brand and wares are present online, and that you are an active member of the online community. It’s not only cost-effective in today’s ultra-competitive market, but there is also a massive market of people who prefer to get their buying fix through online means (searching before buying or e-commerce). However, for a huge segment of the consumer demographic, more traditional mediums like television and – to a lesser degree – print advertising, remains an integral part of the sales cycle.

A man walks past a billboard for Apples’s iPhone 4.

Take the Apple brand and all its “i” products. Other than 3rd parties trying to entice people with chances of winning an iPad or iPhone through their spammy ad banners, I personally have yet to come across any official Apple Internet marketing campaigns. Sure, you may see a great deal of presence on tech sites, review sites and blogs, but nothing that officially has an Apple stamped on it. On the contrary, I am CONSTANTLY bombarded by their techni-colour parades on TV, Billboards, Flyers, and the Radio. Go figure! Despite them being the most groundbreaking technology of the past generation, they continue to leverage traditional forms of media for their push. So why does it work for them?

The famed David Ogilvy was a true pioneer when it came to advertising through the different mediums that were prominent back in the day, and many of his concepts remain the benchmarks for what is being produced nowadays. Through one of my favourite resource sites on ad/web copywriting strategies, The Total Package, I unearthed a collection of Ogilvy’s tips to create effective advertising for various industries via the different mediums. I’m not sure when these pieces were created, but much of the information still holds real relevance in today’s world.

Click here to check out David’s collection of articles and see if you can identify where Apple took notes from.