Many of the terms identified in this infographic have probably crossed your mind a number of times. You’ve likely seen them during your random stumbles, read about them in various blogs, heard them mentioned from within your social circle, came across them in the media. Now to actually have all of the terms in some sort of cohesive arrangement – it really puts the concept of social marketing into perspective.

Created by New Media Thought Leader Extraordinaire (I made up this title), Brian Solis, this infographic clearly illustrates the complexities of the social sphere and how there is absolutely no linear process for implementation when it comes to marketing in this day and age (and quite possibly for the foreseeable future).

While Brian had done an excellent job of identifying the core concepts which encompass Social Marketing, undoubtedly it is missing a few more points at each layer that I feel should also be included:

1) EMOTIONS – Ego/Strokes, Achievement, Integrity (w/ Honesty)

2) CHANNELS – Word of Mouth, Referrals, Broadcasting, Cloud/Open Source

3) PLATFORM – Email, Bookmarking, Avatar/Profile, Linking/Tagging

4) PLAYERS – Thought Leaders, Investors/Shareholders

Love to hear your thoughts, or any additions you can think of.

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