The beloved Guy Kawasaki. The epitome of entrepreneurship that has walked in the shoes of all who have dared, failed, succeeded, to do things their way. Truly, an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. The great online tool, Stumbleupon (fittingly created by another entrepreneur, Garrett Camp), brought up a new favourite site for me, Academic Earth. And in browsing through this site, is when I came across a series of short video clips which were recordings of Guy’s 2004 lecture to students of Stanford’s Technology Ventures Program ( on how to make meaning in your company.

While the lecture took place almost 6 years ago, his vision of what it takes for companies of this coming generation to become successful is truly inspiring and remains relevant to this day. It’s inspiring in the sense that he throws out all of the typical rhetoric of experience and education which are often “required” to run a business, and instead tells you to just be different. By being different, unique, passionate, and driven by the need for change – that is when, he says, you will be on the path to success and prosperity.

Watch the entire series on Academic Earth