Sorry Sustainable Coat-Hangers. Better luck next time, Compostable Baby Wipes. There’s a new green sheriff in town. Peter Roosen of Castagra took home the coveted $100K cash prize for the SunChips Greenvention contest on a recent installment of CBC’s Dragon’s Den on June 7, 2010. All three finalists had a strong business case for their inventions, but it was ultimately the near-limitless opportunities that Castagra’s gooey concoction presented, which had him crowned the sustainable king. From drywall to siding to potentially anything that uses traditional plastic – this invention is well on its way to revolutionizing how products are created.

As a side note, Tatsuya Nakagawa is a partner of Peter’s, and one of the key people behind the scenes of Castagra – and also one of my personal mentors (special props, Tats!). While I am looking forward to the chance to meet Peter some day, his new found stardom just might put him out of reach for the time-being.

In case you missed the broadcast, you can see part 1 here (subsequent parts can be found via YouTube):