An article was written back in September 2009, but it’s worth reposting. Dharmesh Shah (@dharmesh) highlighted some intriguing statistics regarding entrepreneurs (in America, I’m assuming), as published in a Kauffman report. The information was encouraging and definitely helped to dispel many of the fears and misconceptions that budding entrepreneurs (myself included) had about starting a new venture. Among its findings:

  1. The average and median age of company founders when they started their current companies was 40.
  2. 95.1 percent of respondents themselves had earned bachelor’s degrees, and 47 percent had more advanced degrees.
  3. Less than 1 percent came from extremely rich or extremely poor backgrounds.
  4. 15.2% of founders had a sibling that previously started a business.
  5. 69.9 percent of respondents indicated they were married when they launched their first business. An additional 5.2 percent were divorced, separated, or widowed.
  6. 59.7 percent of respondents indicated they had at least one child when they launched their first business, and 43.5 percent had two or more children.

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