Sound the alarm. People touting the latest social media platforms or flossing how they are able to get the most fans/followers/tweeps/contacts/etc. are themselves being written off as passé. Really? Get out of town!

Case in point, back in November 2009, various members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce had engaged in a phone conference to discuss the impacts and opportunities that social media and social networking presents to Boards of Trade and Chambers. The conference included the Board of Trade where I used to work. While my BOT focused on addressing the topic at hand, a number of others felt it was imperative to shout from the top of the mountain how they were best utilizing programs such as LinkedIn, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, and iPhone & Blackberry apps, etc. to promote their events and members. While we looked at how our BOT has positioned itself as a resource hub for local community and business issues, other BOTs preferred touching on specific tactics such as how “RT” works on Twitter, or how Friendfeed can help distribute your messages across multiple channels. *Sigh*

So why did I bring up this example? It’s simply this: the buzz of social media must be removed from the pedestal of being a type of art or science that needs to be mastered, and should be relegated to simply another term in the arsenal of what really matters in business – customer engagement.

To further pull in the reins of the social media hoopla and render SM gurus obsolete, a recent post in Duct Tape Marketing frames this matter perfectly.