The war may still be raging, but over time, battles are being won – albeit mutually. Having had experience on both sides of the business coin, I’m confident enough to say that the two departments are becoming more and more complementary to one another. In the traditional sense, Sales brings in the revenue while Marketing spends the revenue to try and bring in more revenue. Using the chicken or egg analogy, when the efforts of Marketing makes it difficult to quantify how much revenue gets generated as a result, they are viewed in a less than optimistic light by the Sales team. On the contrary, the Sales team would cease to exist if it weren’t for the Marketing efforts in the first place. And the argument ensues.

There may be a light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel. A study was conducted in Spring ’09 by BtoB Magazine to look into the relationship between Sales and Marketing. The following article was posted by the Zoom Info Blog: Follow The Lead:

“We’ve heard the laments from both sides of the table time and again: Marketing execs think sales executives fail to appreciate the trouble they go through trying to separate the good leads from the bad and sales execs, more often than not, bemoan the leads they ultimately get from marketers. And around and around they go. But that may be starting to change. ”

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What are your thoughts? Whether you’re in Marketing or Sales, please share your wins or fails.