Client: Restaurant Owner


To be one of Metro Vancouver’s top restaurants for quality cheap eats.


To receive accolades and excellent reviews in local media and food guides.

To develop a loyal clientele.

To have a packed house day in and day out.


Choose the right location. High traffic, high visibility is bar none.

Create an offering that’s unique to other restaurants. From food to drinks to music. Don’t necessarily feel that you need to be the best at everything – make sure it’s good, but more importantly, make sure it’s unique.

Develop a culture/vibe that will resonate with people in a positive way.


Hire a strong, talented chef/kitchen manager to help steer kitchen and menu in the right direction.

Invest in a strong training program that will help all staff to “buy-in” to work culture.

Share accountability and get continual feedback from staff. Communication is extremely important.

Unique Tactic: Employ social media and networking to spread the word about the restaurant: discounts, specials, reviews, fan pages. Try as a means to connect with potential customers.